Information on bus operation in each area

From Tokyo Station to Ibaraki Airport for a single coin

Nonstop limousine bus service from Tokyo Station to Ibaraki Airport is available to air travelers for just 500 yen. The airport is accessible from Tokyo for a single coin. A highly convenient dedicated bus service, making air travel more affordable for those leaving the metropolitan area for Ibaraki Airport, and for those seeking affordable access to Tokyo after arriving at Ibaraki Airport. Enjoy affordable travel, taking advantage of this convenient bus service.


Click here to make a reservation.

Reservations for the Kanto Railway Express Highway Bus

You can also make a reservation by phone.

Mito Office of Kanto Railway 029-304-5080

(Office hours: 9:00-19:00)

Fare (one way)

For air travelers 500 yen
For others 1,530 yen

Boarding procedure

Advance reservations required

  • Reservations are accepted from one month before departure to 19:00 on the day of departure.
  • You can purchase a bus seat on the day of departure, without a reservation, should a vacant seat be available.

Guide to platforms

Platform 3, Express Highway Bus, Yaesu South Exit of JR Tokyo Station
* Deboarding at the Nihonbashi exit of JR Tokyo Station.