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Ibaraki Airport

Rent a car at a reasonable price ¥1,000 (JPY)


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Rent a car at a reasonable price ¥1,000 (JPY)

This is a campaign to the flight passengers arriving at Ibaraki Airport, who will stay overnight or more at accommodations in Ibaraki and are renting a car on the arriving day. In this campaign, the basic rental fee for the first 24 hours will be lower than usual. Please take advantage of this opportunity.

Campaign Contents

If you are a flight passenger at Ibaraki Airport and stay at a hotel or inn in Ibaraki for a night or more, the campaign fee will be applicable to your basic rental car fee for the first 24 hours.

Campaign period

From April 1, 2013 to March 31, 2016 (scheduled)

Cars and fees in the campaign

Course 1: From one person
  • Car class: compact cars (of 1500 cc displacement or under / P1, P2 class)
  • Basic charge for the first 24 hours: 1,000 yen
    ※ If one person use a car alone, the fee will be 2,000 yen.
Course 2: Four or more people
  • Car class: standard cars (of 1800 cc displacement or under / P3 class)
  • Basic charge for the first 24 hours: 2,000 yen
Course 3: Five or more people
  • Car class: station wagons (for 8 people or less / W1, W2 class)
  • Basic charge for the first 24 hours: 3,000 yen

※All the rental cars have car navigation equipment in English, Chinese (unsimplified and simplified), and Hangul text.


This campaign is exclusively for those who are the flight passengers arriving at Ibaraki Airport and rent a car on the day of arrival and stay at a hotel or inn in Ibaraki for one or more nights.

Showing your boarding pass is required before hiring a car. (If you are in a group of two or more people, all the boarding passes of the car users should be certified.) When returning the car, you will be asked to show the receipt or certification issued by the hotel or inn you have stayed in Ibaraki.

Please note the followings

  • You can pick up a car exclusively at the rent-a-car shop in Ibaraki Airport.
  • If you drop off the car at the same shop at Ibaraki Airport or any other branch shop in Ibaraki, the drop-off fee will not be charged.
  • If you return the car to another branch shop outside Ibaraki, an extra drop-off fee will be charged and you are not eligible for this campaign.
  • Basically, to rent a car, booking online or by phone in advance is necessary.
  • You can’t pay for the rental fee by using travel coupons.
  • If you use the rental car for longer than 24 hours, extra fees will be charged. The cost of car insurance and other options should be paid separately besides the basic fee.
  • For more detailed information, please contact the rent-a-car company below.


For foreign people without a Japanese driver’s license to drive a car in Japan,


  • After landing in Japan, when a foreigner get an International Driving Permit under  the rules and regulations of the Geneva Convention.
  • Please note the followings:

    The driving permits issued under the rules and regulations of the 1968 Convention are not valid in Japan because it was based on the Vienna Traffic Treaty.  Additionally, both the Paris Convention (1926) and the Washington Convention (1943) are excluded from the permits for driving in Japan.
  • The driver’s license issued in a foreign country※1 with an attachment of Japanese translation※2 will allow the foreigner to drive a car in Japan for one year after his/her landing in Japan. (According to the Road Traffic Law article 107-2)
  • Besides the above mentioned international driving permits or licenses, his/her passport should be shown at the same time at TOYOTA Rent a Car.

※1  The foreign driver’s licensesDriver’s licenses from the following 7 countries (areas) are acceptable: Switzerland, Slovenia, Germany, France, Belgium, Monaco, Taiwan.

※2 Translation into Japanese should be: translated exclusively by the foreign country’s consulate or by the organizations designated by the Japanese Public Safety Commission, including JAF (Japan Automobile Federation).




To book a car rental,

TOYOTA Rent Lease Corporation





住所: 水戸市三の丸2-1-1 TEL: 029(221)3011 FAX: 029(221)3022
住所: 水戸市城南2-2-2 TEL: 029(300)1100 FAX: 029(300)1101
住所: 水戸市城南2-5-28 TEL: 029(228)0333 FAX: 029(228)1320
住所: 水戸市常磐町2-4-26 TEL: 029(231)2295 FAX: 029(231)2297
住所: 水戸市南町1-3-18 TEL: 029(225)8811 FAX: 029(231)8882
住所: 水戸市宮町2-4-26 TEL: 029(224)3005 FAX: 029(226)1783
水戸プリンスホテル宿泊料金が20%オフ!シングル 5,650円 → 4,500円ツイン(2名様料金) 9,250円 → 7,400円にてご提供致します。但し、除外日あり
住所: 水戸市桜川2-2-11 TEL: 029(227)4111 FAX: 029(227)4110
住所: 水戸市桜川1-5-6 TEL: 029(233)2511 FAX: 029(228)3042
住所: 水戸市梅香1-2-5 TEL: 029(221)3360 FAX: 029(225)9177
住所: 水戸市千波町2078-1 TEL: 029(305)8111 FAX: 029(305)8520
住所: 水戸市宮町1-6-1 TEL: 029(224)2727 FAX: 029(225)0737
住所: 水戸市宮町1-1-1 TEL: 029(222)3100 FAX: 029(222)3101
住所: 日立市水木町1-1-15 TEL: 0294(52)2522 FAX: 0294(52)2507
ホテルアルファザ土浦Fly茨城キャンペーンプラン スーペリアツイン 通常14,500円を11,000円に割引 デラックスシングル 通常8,100円を6,000円に割引
住所: 土浦市港町1-4-26 TEL: 029(824)1211 FAX: 029(824)1110
住所: 土浦市港町1-5-5 TEL: 029(835)3361 FAX: 029(824)0522
ビジネスホテルトキワレンタカー代 1,000円キャッシュバック。おまけに、宿泊料金お1人様6,500円
住所: 土浦市蓮河原新町3-12 TEL: 029(822)9378 FAX: 029(822)1189
住所: 北茨城市大津町722 TEL: 0293(46)1111 FAX: 0293(46)5748
グリーンパークホテル宿泊代サービス 平日 5,400円を4,320円休前日(金・土)6,480円を5,940円でご提供します
住所: 北茨城市関南町神岡上小沢1113 TEL: 0293(46)4111 FAX: 0293(46)4117
住所: 北茨城市平潟町1482-2 TEL: 0293(46)3373 FAX: 0293(46)0781
住所: 北茨城市平潟町235 TEL: 0293(46)0569 FAX: 0293(46)5698
住所: 牛久市牛久町885-1 TEL: 029(874)0801 FAX: 029(874)0803
牛久シティホテル アネックス2名様以上のご利用(TW・和室)で通常600円の朝食をサービス!!
住所: 牛久市牛久町954-1 TEL: 029(874)1021 FAX: 029(874)8940
住所: つくば市小野崎35 TEL: 029(856)1191 FAX: 029(856)2555
ホテル マークワンつくば研究学園朝食、もしくはVOD(有料ビデオ)のいずれかサービス
住所: つくば市研究学園D3街区5 TEL: 029(875)7272 FAX: 029(875)8472
住所: ひたちなか市阿字ヶ浦町148-4 TEL: 029(265)2479 FAX: 029(265)9578
住所: ひたちなか市磯崎町4625-2 TEL: 029(265)8151 FAX: 029(212)3080
住所: ひたちなか市武田118-3 TEL: 029(835)3361 FAX: 029(270)0555
住所: ひたちなか市湊本町18-25 TEL: 029(262)4118 FAX: 029(262)4119
住所: 潮来市永山2614 TEL: 0299(64)6111 FAX: 0299(64)6114
住所: 常陸大宮市小貫402 TEL: 0295(57)2341 FAX: 0295(57)2342
住所: 常陸大宮市山方4849 TEL: 0295(57)3794 FAX: 0295(57)3090
住所: 鉾田市鉾田1583-2 TEL: 0291(33)2188 FAX: 0291(32)6000
住所: 東茨城郡大洗町磯浜町6881 TEL: 029(267)2151 FAX: 029(266)2621
大洗パークホテル1泊2食付のご宿泊に限り ソフトドリンクサービス
住所: 東茨城郡大洗町磯浜町8249-10 TEL: 029(267)2171 FAX: 029(266)3283
住所: 東茨城郡大洗町磯浜町8252-9 TEL: 029(267)3220 FAX: 029(267)0277
住所: 久慈郡大子町袋田169-3 TEL: 0295(72)3011 FAX: 0295(72)3332
住所: 久慈郡大子町袋田978 TEL: 0295(72)3111 FAX: 0295(72)3223
住所: 行方市山田3969 TEL: 0291(35)0123 FAX: 0291(35)0124