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Ibaraki Airport

Rent a car at a reasonable price ¥1,000 (JPY)

Enjoy Ibaraki with ¥1,000 rent-a-car

This is a campaign to the flight passengers arriving at Ibaraki Airport, who will stay overnight or more at accommodations in Ibaraki and are renting a car on the arriving day. In this campaign, the basic rental fee for the first 24 hours will be lower than usual.
Just for passengers for international flight will get a service 48 hours not only 24 hours.
Please take advantage of this opportunity.


Free to leave in Ibaraki prefecture! All cars with car navigation system!

During the campaign period, if you are using Ibaraki Airport, you can use the rent-a-car basic rate at the campaign price if you stay overnight at accommodation facilities in the prefecture.

Special campaign more

2018/4/1 – 2019/3/31

  • Borrowed in that period and will be subject to campaign only if returned.
  • Regular fee after 48 hours.
  • Model designation and optional fee etc. are required separately.


This campaign is exclusively for those who are the flight passengers arriving at Ibaraki Airport and rent a car on the day of arrival and stay at a hotel or inn in Ibaraki for one or more nights.

  • Showing your boarding pass is required before hiring a car. (If you are in a group of two or more people, all the boarding passes of the car users should be certified.)
  • When returning the car, you will be asked to show the receipt or certification issued by the hotel or inn you have stayed in Ibaraki

please note the followings

  • You can pick up a car exclusively at the rent-a-car shop in Ibaraki Airport.
  • If you drop off the car at the same shop at Ibaraki Airport or any other branch shop in Ibaraki, the drop-off fee will not be charged.
  • If you return the car to another branch shop outside Ibaraki, an extra drop-off fee will be charged and you are not eligible for this campaign.
  • Basically, to rent a car, booking online or by phone in advance is necessary.
  • Reservation on other than TOYOTA Rent a Car official Website will be excluded from this campaign.
  • You can’t check this campaign on the page if you are booking on the Internet. Therefore, when you make a reservation at a normal price and receive a vehicle at Ibaraki airport on the day of use, please confirm the application such as campaign application at the counter of Toyota Rent Lease Ibaraki Airport shop.
  • You can’t pay for the rental fee by using travel coupons.
  • If you use the rental car for longer than 48 hours, extra fees will be charged. The cost of car insurance and other options should be paid separately besides the basic fee.For more detailed information, please contact the rent-a-car company below.


We provide the video about some important points for safety drive in Japan.
There is an explanation about Japanese driving rule.
Please do have a look!



Reservations in Japanese

TOYOTA Rent Lease Corporation
Ibaraki Airport Shop +81-299-37-2131 (seven days a week/ 7:00-20:30)

Reservations in English

TOYOTA Rent a Car Reservation Center website

Please tell us you are 1000yen rental car campaign users at the counter of TOYOTA car rental shop at Ibaraki airport.
There is only normal rental car rate on our website, when you reserve the car rental.
This special campaign provides a service only at TOYOTA rental car in Ibaraki airport.

TOYOTA Rent a Car Reservation Center
TEL: +81-3-5954-8020
when calling out from Japan: 0800-7000-81