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How many hours before departure do we need to get to the airport?

Please check in at least 1 hour before boarding with SPRING AIRLINES, EASTER JET and Tigerair and also please check in at least 30 minutes before boarding with SKYMARK AIRLINES.
You can check in 2 hours before the departure with any airlines at Ibaraki airport.
It is easier to navigate the compact Ibaraki Airport than Haneda or Narita Airport, but please visit the check-in counter well ahead of departure.

Where can we buy a flight ticket?

To purchase a ticket, please visit the respective airline’s website, call their reservation center, or contact a travel agency.The Ibaraki Airport website has information on tour products.

Skymark Reservation

Spring Airlines

The reservation of Tiger air

Can we buy a flight ticket inside the airport?

A ticket can be bought on the day of departure if there is a vacant seat on the flight. For Skymark Airlines, a ticket can be bought at the Skymark check-in counter with cash or credit card, or at the Ibaraki Airport branch of Central Tourist on the 1st floor (cash only), at least one hour before boarding. For Spring Airlines, please buy a ticket at their check-in counter before the check-in procedure is completed, with cash or credit card.
You can purchase your flight ticket only SPRING AIRLINES and SKYMARK AIRLINES at the counter in the airport.

Where can we get flight information during typhoons or other bad weather?

Please check with the respective airline, or on their website.

Boarding ramps are used for boarding. What boarding measures are available for wheelchair users?

Wheelchair users can board by way of the elevator.
Please inform the airline or travel agency of such special requirements when reserving a flight ticket or tour product.

How much baggage can be brought on the airplane?

About baggage policy
Please ask about baggage policy to the each airline or check the airline’s official website.

About baggage of SKYMARK AIRLINES

About baggage of SPRING AIRLINES

About baggage of Tiger air

Is home delivery service available?

The customer service counter in the 1st floor lobby handles home delivery service. (Only Yamato Transport offers the service.) If you wish to send your baggage to the airport beforehand, please send it to c/o Ibaraki Airport Branch of Yamato Transport inside Ibaraki Airport, 1601-55, Yozawa, Omitama City, Ibaraki Prefecture.

Please consult the following links for how to write an address label.

Can we exchange currencies inside the terminal building?

  • We deal with the exchange from Japanese yen to foreign currency at AIRPORT PLAZA on the second floor. We will change only Chinese Yuan and American dollar.
    We will exchange only bill.
  • Please use a foreign exchange machine near the information counter on the first floor.
    We will accept American dollar, euro, Chinese Yuan, Taiwan dollar, Hong kong dollar, Korean Won, Pound, Singapore dollar, Australian dollar, Thai Baht, Malaysian Ringgit and Indonesian Rupiah.

Can we take out overseas travelers’ personal accident insurance inside the terminal building?

The Ibaraki Airport Branch of Central Tourist on the 1st floor handles overseas travelers’ personal accident insurance.

Is there a post office?

There is no post office in the terminal building.
A mailbox is located near the bus stand in front of the terminal building.

Can we use the internet in a terminal building?

You can use free Wi-Fi in Ibaraki Airport.
We are afraid that it is not easy to connect it from some parts of the area.

  • SSID: IBARAKI-Airport
    You can use this IBARKI-Airport Wi-Fi for 180 minutes  once . And can connect 3 times per day.
    Password: ibarakiken
    You can use it freely all day. Please click here more details.

Are pets allowed in the terminal building?

No pets except service dogs such as guide dogs are allowed to enter the terminal building. However, it is possible to bring in a pet to be checked on an airplane, by housing it in a special crate, on the 1st floor only.

How long is the terminal building open?

The airport terminal building is open from 6:00 to 21:00.

Are there any nursing rooms?

There are four nursing rooms on the 1st floor and one on the 2nd floor, all of which are next to washrooms.

Are rental baby buggies available?

There are 14 baby baggies available for rent inside the terminal building. Please ask at airport information.

Are rental wheelchairs available?

There are four rental wheelchairs available for use inside the terminal building, and three additional wheelchairs are available to aid passengers in boarding planes.
※ Wheelchairs belonging to passengers are handled as baggage. For further information, please check with the respective airline.

Information on measures for barrier-free access

Barrier-free access is available in various locations.

Are there any copy machine here?

The copy machine is in the Family Mart Blue sky on the first floor.

Are there any smoking areas?

There are smoking areas outside the 1st floor and in the boarding areas for both domestic and international flights.

How long is the parking lot open?

A free parking lot for about 3,600 vehicles is open from 5:30 to 22:00. (It is closed at night.)

What is the nearest highway interchange?

Coming from Iwaki City, Hitachi City, Utsunomiya City, or Chikusei City, the nearest interchange is the Ibaraki Airport North interchange on the Higashikanto Expressway Mito Line of the East Kanto Express Highway. Coming from Tokyo, Kashiwa, or Tsukuba, the nearest interchange is the Chiyoda Ishioka interchange on the Joban Express Highway.

What is the nearest railway station?

Ishioka Station on the JR Joban line. From there, please take the access bus to the airport.

Is there another means of transport if there is no seat on the limousine bus for Tokyo Station?

As a rule, there is only one limousine bus for Tokyo Station (passenger capacity is 40). If no seat is available on this bus, please take the bus for Ishioka Station on the Joban line between Ueno and Ishioka.

Is taxi service available?

Yes. There are usually taxis standing in front of the terminal building. If no taxi is there when you arrive, please call the taxi company. A taxi will arrive in about five minutes.

Are rental cars available?

Yes. Please ask at the customer service counter on the 1st floor of the terminal building.

Can we take a tour of the airport?

If you have a group of 20 people or more, please contact the airport management office (Tel: 0299-37-2800) to arrange a tour of Ibaraki Airport.

For a modest charge, the airport offers tours with a tour guide who will give visitors an overview of Ibaraki Airport and its distinctive features. The tour is free for elementary and middle high school students. Groups are encouraged to take advantage of the tour to improve their understanding and appreciation of the airport.
Haneda Turtle Service
* We sincerely apologize in advance if we cannot meet your requirements, owing to flight congestion or previous meeting room bookings.

When do airplanes of the Self-Defense Forces fly?

The Self-Defense Forces conduct flight drills mainly on weekdays.