Information about a special discount at Aqua world Oarai Aquarium

Special discount for admission to Aqua world Oarai Aquarium is available for a passenger who used Ibaraki Airport.
Only a passenger, showing his boarding pass (within 3 month after issued), can enter the Aquarium at half the price.
Aqua world Oarai Aquarium is one of Japan’s top-class aquarium for its size, rearing more than 50 species of sharks, which is a symbol of the Aquarium for instance. A water tank for a mambo, sun fish is the biggest in Japan.
Be sure to come to Aqua world Oarai Aquarium!

Admission fee applying discount
Adult 2,000yen→1,000yen
Elementary school /Junior-high school student 900yen→450yen
Infant (3 years old and over) 300yen→150yen

※Please be noted only a boarding pass of a flight arriving at or taking off Ibaraki Airport is valid. Anything other than a boarding pass, like a photocopy of a boarding pass, exchanged mails for booking, a flight voucher, a boarding certificate cannot be used to apply the discount.

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