Parking lots

There are parking lots for 3,600 vehicles in front of the terminal building.

Parking is free.

No. 1 Parking Lot (682 vehicle capacity) Open: 5:30-22:00

  • Space for 653 private vehicles
  • Space for 18 vehicles of the handicapped
  • Space for 11 large buses

No. 2 Parking Lot (636 vehicle capacity) Open: 5:30-22:00

  • Parking space for 636 private vehicles (no handicapped parking)
  • Parking is free regardless of how many days a vehicle is parked. However, if considering entering or exiting early in the morning or late at night, please note that the parking lot is closed at night.
  • Please report to the airport building management office if you wish to park for 14 days or more. Vehicles parked for 14 days or more without notification may be moved or discarded by the administrator.
  • The administrator is not liable for any accident or property loss inside the parking lots.