Information on Christmas Events at Ibaraki Airport


Special events will be held during “Christmas Month” prior to Christmas!
Santa Claus from Lapland in Finland and Hello Kitty will be joining the events. Please come to the airport with your family to meet them.



From November 26, Thursday – December 25, Friday, 2015



Hello Kitty is coming!
A lighting-up ceremony by Hello Kitty
Ibaraki Airport Winter Special Illumination with the design of Mt. Tsukuba and airplanes will be joined by Hello Kitty for the first time with Hustle Komon.


Date Countents
November 28, Saturday
The event is starting at 18:30.
(It lasts for 25 minutes.)
Christmas Lighting-up Ceremony
December 24, Thursday ①from 14:30
(It lasts for 25 minutes.)
Hello Kitty Christmas Event
December 24, Thursday②from 16:30
(It lasts for 25 minutes.)

Hello Kitty Performance

(Shaking hands ・Taking pictures)


Hello Kitty Decoration at the airport

・Hello Kitty’s large vertical banner from the ceiling
・Over 3-meter-tall Hello Kitty stands near the entrance
・The baggage carousels at Domestic and International flights are wrapped with Hello Kitty.



Santa Claus is coming to Ibaraki Airport all the way from Finland!

He is flying from Finland, his birthplace, and he will be riding in a special airport car, having a talk-show, and shaking hands with visitors.


Date/Time Event Contents

December 25, Friday

09:50 – 10:10

Santa Claus Christmas Event
①Santa Claus is stepping out of a SKYMARK airplane

arriving at Ibaraki Airport at 9:50.
②He rides in a special car at the apron.

10:20 – 11:20 Santa Claus Talk Show – the 1st time
He spends a wonderful time with the children from Sakura Nursery.
13:00 – 14:00 Santa Claus Talk Show – the 2nd time
He has a talk-show, shaking hands and taking pictures with the visitors.
15:00 – 16:00 Santa Claus Talk Show – the 3rd time
He has a talk-show, shaking hands and taking pictures with the visitors.


Christmas Lottery

A large-scale lottery takes place in the Airport Terminal building and fantastic gifts including the airport original goods will be given to the first 2,000 people!
Buying in cash at the shops in the Ibaraki Airport building gives you a big chance to win a lottery.
A lottery coupon will be given per 500-yen-purchase, and every two coupons will be one chance to draw a lottery.
※The purchase with “shopping coupons” presented to the domestic flight users in the campaign to revitalize the regional economy around the airport is exempted.



December 19, Saturday – December 25, Friday



09:00 – 17:00



A pair of round tickets between Ibaraki and Kobe as the grand prize
Ibaraki specialties including Hitachi Beef Curry
Ibaraki Airport original goods