Tokyo district

About 100 minutes from Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station South Exit
General road
Takaracho Lamp
Metropolitan Expressway,Joban Expressway
Choyoda Ishioka Interchange
General road
Ibaraki Airport
Bus stop
Tokyo Station: Platform 3, Express Highway Bus, Yaesu South Exit
* Deboarding at the Nihonbashi exit
Ibaraki Airport: Bus Platform 3
[Cash] Adult 1,530yen Child 770yen (one way)
Travel procedures
Advance reservations required
  • Reservations are accepted from one month before departure to 19:00 on the day of departure.
  • You can purchase a bus seat on the day of departure, without a reservation, should a vacant seat be available.
Reservations for the Kanto Railway Express Highway Bus
You can also make a reservation by phone.
Mito Office of Kanto Railway 029-304-5080 (Office hours: 9:00-19:00)


Currently out of service

Tokyo Station → Ibaraki Airport
Tokyo Station Ibaraki Airport
9:50 11:30
11:50 13:30
17:00 18:40
18:50 20:30
19:50 21:30
Ibaraki Airport → Tokyo Station
Ibaraki Airport Tokyo Station
5:40 8:10
7:10 9:40
11:00 13:30
13:30* 16:00
15:00* 17:30
  • Buses arrive in Tokyo Station about 30 minutes earlier than schedule on Sundays and holidays.
  • The departure of buses marked with * may be delayed depending on flight arrivals.

For Inquiries

Kanto Railway, Mito branch
348, Sumiyoshicho, City, Ibaraki Prefecture, 310-0844