Tokyo district

About 100 minutes from Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station South Exit
General road
Takaracho Lamp
Metropolitan Expressway,Joban Expressway
Ishioka Omitama Smart Interchange
General road
Ibaraki Airport
Bus stop
Tokyo Station: Platform 3, Express Highway Bus, Yaesu South Exit
* Deboarding at the Nihonbashi exit
Ibaraki Airport: Bus Platform 3
[Cash] Adult 1,650yen Child 830yen (one way)
Travel procedures
Advance reservations required
  • Reservations are accepted from one month before departure to 19:00 on the day of departure.
  • Please check seat availability of the highway bus (of) the boarding day at the bus stop.
Japan Bus Online
  • Advance payment is required following the reservation.



2023/10/29 –

東京駅 → 茨城空港Tokyo Station → Ibaraki Airport东京站 → 茨城机场東京站→茨城機場도쿄역 → 이바라키공항
東京駅 発Tokyo Station东京站東京站도쿄역 茨城空港 着Ibaraki Airport茨城机场茨城機場이바라키공항
日・木のみSunday, Thursday行驶日:日・四行駛日:日・四일, 목만 해당
茨城空港 → 東京駅Ibaraki Airport → Tokyo Station茨城机场 → 东京站茨城機場→東京站이바라키공항 → 도쿄역
茨城空港 発Ibaraki Airport茨城机场茨城機場이바라키공항 東京駅 着Tokyo Station东京站東京站도쿄역
日・木のみSunday, Thursday行驶日:日・四行駛日:日・四일, 목만 해당
  • 茨城空港発は航空機の到着状況により、出発時間を遅らせる場合がありますので、ご了承ください。Buses arrive in Tokyo Station about 20 minutes earlier than schedule on Sundays and holidays.在周日和节假日,预计到达东京站的时间会提前约20分钟。週日及國定假日,抵達東京站的預定時刻會提前約20分鐘。일요일 및 공휴일은 도쿄역에 약 20분 정도 일찍 도착합니다.
  • 日曜日は上り便の東京駅着が20分程度早くなります。The departure of buses marked with * may be delayed depending on flight arrivals.带有*标记的车次可能会根据航班的进港情况推迟发车。標示 * 記號的車次可能依據航班抵達狀況延遲發車。* 표시가 있는 버스는 항공기의 도착 상황에 따라 출발 시각이 지연될 수 있습니다.

For Inquiries

Kanto Railway, Mito branch
348, Sumiyoshicho, City, Ibaraki Prefecture, 310-0844
029-247-5111(Office hours:8:00-19:00)