Notice of Suspension Service (Domestic Flight and International Flight)

To prevent of the spread of infection of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), suspension and reduction of service have been decided as follows.
For further information on suspension, please make an inquiry to each airlines company.

Information on domestic flight suspension

Domestic flight schedule (October, 2021)


Domestic flight schedule (November, 2021)


Flight Ibaraki Sapporo Date
SKY791 9:45 11:05 Everyday
SKY795 18:40 20:05 Everyday


Flight Ibaraki Kobe Date
SKY183 8:35 9:55 Everyday
SKY187 19:40 21:00 Everyday


Flight Ibaraki Fukuoka Date
SKY831 7:35 9:40 Everyday


Flight Ibaraki Naha Date
SKY531 11:00 14:25 Everyday


Flight Sapporo Ibaraki Date
SKY790 9:00 10:30 November 2 – 30
SKY794 17:30 19:00 Everyday


Flight Kobe Ibaraki Date
SKY182 7:55 9:05 Everyday
SKY186 19:25 20:30 Everyday


Flight Fukuoka Ibaraki Date
SKY836 18:35 20:05 Everyday


Flight Naha Ibaraki Date
SKY532 15:30 18:00 Everyday
For inquiries : Skymark

Information on International Flight Suspension

Suspension of operation (Tigerair Taiwan)

No operation till November 30.

  • Taipei route (2 weekly on Thursday and Sunday)
For inquiries : Tigerair Taiwan

Suspension of operation (Spring Airlines)

No operation till October 30.

  • Shanghai Route(4 weekly: Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
  • Xi’an Route (4 weekly: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday)
For inquiries : Spring Airlines

Suspension of operation (Qingdao Airlines)

No operation: For the time being

  • Nanjing Route(2 weekly : Thursday・Sunday)
  • Fuzhou Route (3 weekly : Tuesday, Friday,Sunday)
  • Changchun Route (3 weekly : Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)
For inquiries : Qingdao Airlines