Flight Timetable

2021/10/31 – 2022/3/26

Departure flight: Ibaraki – Fukuoka
Flight No. From Ibaraki Airport To Fukuoka Airport Flight date
SKY831 7:35 9:40 Every day
Departure flight: Fukuoka – Ibaraki
Flight No. From Fukuoka Airport To Ibaraki Airport Flight date
SKY836 18:35 20:05 Every day

Airline: Skymark Airlines (BC)

Aircraft Type: B737 (capacity: 177people)

Reservation and flight information

Navi Dial 0570-039-283 (8:00-20:30 Every day)

The special phone service for last-minute reservations

Navi Dial 0570-055-283 (8:00-20:30 Every day)

  • Navi Dial costs 8.5 yen/3 minutes from a fixed phone, and 10 yen/20 seconds from a mobile phone (uniform rates throughout the country).
  • The special phone service for last-minute reservations is only for customers wishing to make a flight reservation on the day of or one day before departure. Please make any same-day reservations at least one hour before boarding.
In case Navi Dial is not available on IP phone


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