Other questions

Q1:Can we take a tour of the airport?

A:If you have a group of 20 people or more, please contact the airport management office (Tel: 0299-37-2800) to arrange a tour of Ibaraki Airport.
And please fax (0299-37-2828) an application form for a free airport tour as a group.

For a modest charge, the airport offers tours with a tour guide who will give visitors an overview of Ibaraki Airport and its distinctive features. The tour is free for elementary and middle high school students. Groups are encouraged to take advantage of the tour to improve their understanding and appreciation of the airport.

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* We sincerely apologize in advance if we cannot meet your requirements, owing to flight congestion or previous meeting room bookings.

Q2:When do airplanes of the Self-Defense Forces fly?

A:The Self-Defense Forces conduct flight drills mainly on weekdays.